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Meet Surface!

During my quarantine adventures, I was browsing the inventory of every online beauty supply chain I could think of. I was trying to pin down a brand of products that I would like to carry in my studio as well as an actual color line. I'm kind of an old dog that is reluctant to learn new tricks, so I was planning on using a color line that I was already familiar with. However, when it came to hair care products, I wanted to branch out and discover something new and noteworthy. The options were ridiculously overwhelming. Good thing there was a stay-at-home order in place with no end in sight, so I really had nothing but time.


My studio project had become a welcomed distraction from quarantine. Instead of doing another load of laundry, or washing dishes by hand because I was that bored, product research actually helped me focus more time and energy in a constructive way. I would put my little one down for a nap, let my older son play video games for an hour, and then start trolling the internet for new products and brands that I could potentially incorprorate into my loft.

The decorating was the easy part; I'm sure the FedEx guy hated my guts after the fiftyith delievery of heavy furniture.

I pretty much had the entire esthetic of my salon picked out in my head from the second I decided to do all of this. It was just a matter of finding the decor. But trying to pick a product line was becoming more difficult than I anticipated. Nothing that I had used in the past was really blending with my vision. I didn't want to create this relaxing, naturalistic environment and then use haircare that didn't give two shits about the environment. Then after a full week of looking into new brands, I found it. Enter-Surface.


Founded in 2008 in Saskatchewan, Canada, this powerhouse brand was inspired by international hairstylist Wayne Grund. Their philosophies were so much like mine; superior products with a health concious narrative. I was pumped! Why in the hell had I not heard of this before?? The products themselves are made with natural ingredients and even their packaging is eco-friendly. Name the junk you don't want to see in your hair care products and they formulated without it. Free of parabens, sulfates, gluten, animal protein, TEA and DEA, phthalates, and PVPNA plastics. (I won't go into my gluten speech, although I REALLY want to). Even their preservatives ( and yes, you're products need some kind of preservative) are naturally derived from rose ether. Thats pretty cool. I'll probably write an article on preservatives and such later on, but for right now just know that yes, they are necessary, but no they are not created equally.

They don't use any heavy oils but instead opt for moringa and babassu oils which are super lightweight and exceptionally hydrating.

They use natural botanicals and aromas in all hair care products- which is why your hair will not only look and feel amazing, it will smell fresh too! Another added natural ingredient that I thought was really awesome, was their use of sugar, corn, and vegetable starches in their hairsprays, texturizers, and gels. These natural ingredients are what give the product it's hold. My mind was seriously blown. How creative!


Surface uses natural ingredients for their color line as well. I won't go into detail on the logistics of it, but their color and lightening agents are all ammonia free! I tried the hair color out on myself before I invested too much into it and was pretty hooked. It didn't stain my skin as much, it had a VERY low odor (thanks to no ammonia) and it had such a shiny, soft result. (Sign me up people!) The lightener uses amaranth protein as a bond-building agent making it more gentle and safe for the hair. Now due to lack of ammonia and it's gentleness, I definitley wouldn't use it on a guest wanting to make some crazy drastic change from black to blonde, but I normally don't recommend that anyway. For clients who just get a basic highlight, balayage or more natural effects, this lightener is perfection.

I was so excited to discover this brand. I was upset that I hadnt discovered it sooner. I have never used an entire brand before. I usually pick my favorites and use another brand for other options, but Surface was the total package. Now I do carry other brands at my studio, which I will introduce later, but that's only because I was not built to be a monotonous person. I will say though, if I was forced to choose only one brand/line, I would be 100% content with Surface alone.

Over the next few weeks, I will introduce you all to specific products that I have added to my toolbox to make your life at home easier when caring for and styling your hair! Until then, have fun reading my so-called blogs! -Just keep in mind, I do hair. I'm not a writer! #lovemysurfacehair

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