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What's my name?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

A question I keep getting asked in the salon is "how did you come up with your salon's name?" I definitely should've seen that coming, but didn't. I've said everything from "oh wow, I don't really know" to "'Amy's Freakin' Fantastic Hair Studio' was already taken." Apparently when I'm applying color I can't think on my feet. This question had me asking myself how in the hell I came up with 'Clover+Ivy', so here we go.

Quarantine was pretty rough for me. I realized I'm way more extroverted than I originally thought. I guess I can make it 4 weeks without adult interaction before becoming a total basket case. I was so koo koo for cocoa puffs one day that I sat in my bathroom with 4 mirrors and a razor and just started hacking away at my hair. 22 inches later, I'm still rocking an above shoulder bob that I never thought I'd have. Somewhere in the midst of all my mood swings, I knew I had to start getting down to business. I knew at some point in time I would be opening my new hair studio and my sweet little brain child needed a name.

I knew how I wanted my loft to look. I wanted it to channel a little boho, and a little nature. I started writing down anything that came to mind that seemed to fit this theme I created in my head. Name a plant or organic substance, it was probably on my list. I even played around with gemstones at one point, but nothing really sounded "right". Then I started researching meanings and folklore of some of the plants and things on my list. Clover has always been associated with good luck and good fortune and I thought yep, Imma need me some of that! Ivy was a symbol of strength and perserverance and so again I said to myself ' yep Imma need me some of that too'. Did I mention that my favorite color has always been green? I guess that's why I gravitated towards green things. So that ended up being the birth story of Clover+Ivy. I added the 'Salon Studio' part later on since clovers and ivies have absolutely nothing to do with hair.

As you can see, it's way easier for me to tell people I have no idea how I came up with the name of my salon. It really just fell into my lap piece by piece. So don't be surprised if you ask me how I came up with Clover+Ivy Salon Studio and respond with "I don't remember, everything during quarantine is now a blur", because it's true. My new short hair-do can attest to that.

-The Genius behind the name that has nothing to do with hair,


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